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Press review // Q2-Q3 2017

MPS & DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION « If you’re a Digital Transformation purist, you may argue that adding software to your print process isn’t true Digital Transformation: “The use of digital technologies to enable innovation across business and […]

Sep, 28


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT Edwin Jongsma, from our member Xtandit, cut this video to reflect on our last meeting. Many thanks to Eurocom for their wonderful hospitality and allowing us discover this unjustly less travelled to […]

Apr, 18

Is Hollywood overtaking Silicon Valley?

Some of you may have noticed or potentially seen the new HP movie on Cyber security. It is extremely well done and I recommend you watch it but it also made me think of how the […]

Mar, 02


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT B. Chaillou, Audire “Owning our equipment to better serve our clients thus delivering profitable and growing revenues.” Purdy – Ergo | Trends to watch in 2017   FOCUS ON PRINTING SECURITY Everything […]

Jan, 26

HP Print Security Announcements

What would you say if you worked for a large company, and someone told you that a hacker, on the other side of the world, could easily, within five minutes, and with no prior knowledge […]

Dec, 08

Shared Service centres… To do or to have it done? Final part.

1st part here, 2nd there and 3rd there. Additional thoughts from Steven Swift – IDeAs In my experience, having built and run a document/production outsourcing business, some of the key factors for and against outsourcing are […]

Jun, 23

Canon Expo in Paris: a transformer aged 80 [1/2]

The Canon Expo arrived in Paris for its European stop after NYC and before Shanghai and Tokyo. Once every 5 years This is an ‘every 5 year’ technology event and is on quite a grand […]

Oct, 22