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Winning University from Konica Minolta’s International University Contest comes from South Africa

On April 29th in Berlin, Konica Minolta staged the final of the International University Contest, in which university students from around the world were invited to submit innovative workflow solutions relating to aspects of academic […]

May, 16 · in Event

Can HP really transform the A3 Print Market? 2/2

1st part to read here. Thirdly, the signs are that this time, HP has taken the time and trouble to do its homework, to listen to channel partners and customers, and to get the offer […]

May, 02 · in Point of View

Documation // Digital Transition: best practices to manage change (FR + UK)

Documation, le salon de la dématérialisation a eu lieu à Paris les 29/30 mars; Retrouvez la vidéo d’une table ronde à laquelle j’ai participé sur le sujet « Transition digitale : les bonnes pratiques pour accompagner le […]

Apr, 28 · in Event

Can HP really transform the A3 Print Market? 1/2

HP has made several failed attempts in the past to take market share from the A3 ‘Copier’ vendors, starting with the ill-fated ‘Mopier’, and more recently trying again with Edgeline – which although not successful […]


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT Edwin Jongsma, from our member Xtandit, cut this video to reflect on our last meeting. Many thanks to Eurocom for their wonderful hospitality and allowing us discover this unjustly less travelled to […]

Apr, 18 · in Press review

Is Hollywood overtaking Silicon Valley?

Some of you may have noticed or potentially seen the new HP movie on Cyber security. It is extremely well done and I recommend you watch it but it also made me think of how the […]

Mar, 02 · in Point of View

2017 is today #4 | “Are Sales people correctly compensated when looking at the goals of the company? Usually no.”

One clear observation which comes often to our minds is that in the modern world, when getting the usual “age” question and often referred to associated cultural biases, you have 3 generations in the workplace […]

Feb, 09

2017 is today #3 | “Digital transformation is not only happening at our clients, but also for ourselves. Uberizing you… this could very well happen”

All in all 2017 is going to be a very interesting year, where once again the most adaptable will be those able to survive. Digital transformation is not only happening at our clients, but also […]

Feb, 02


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT B. Chaillou, Audire “Owning our equipment to better serve our clients thus delivering profitable and growing revenues.” Purdy – Ergo | Trends to watch in 2017   FOCUS ON PRINTING SECURITY Everything […]

Jan, 26

2017 is today #2 | “Many OEMs whose range has not adapted quickly enough and their associated channel may suffer deeply.”

We think that this channel trend may have an impact in accelerating, and even compounding the consolidation at the OEM level. OEMs are increasingly finding it too expensive and inflexible to sustain a direct sales […]

Jan, 12

2017 is today #1 | “Copiers are outdated, complicated machines”: HP wants to disrupt the copier industry

As we approach end of the year, we at IDeAs tend to look in retrospect at the past year and try to put the outlook for the next one in perspective. We think that 2016 […]

Jan, 05

HP Print Security Announcements

What would you say if you worked for a large company, and someone told you that a hacker, on the other side of the world, could easily, within five minutes, and with no prior knowledge […]

Dec, 08

Talking heads: digital transformation | Fujitsu Information Capture Conference roundtable

The Fujitsu Information Capture Conference saw an expert roundtable discussion on Digital Transformation and how it will impact on the information management industry. You can download the article, scanned from the Document Manager magazine: click here.

Nov, 28