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Edwin Jongsma, from our member Xtandit, cut this video to reflect on our last meeting.
Many thanks to Eurocom for their wonderful hospitality and allowing us discover this unjustly less travelled to city of Bucharest.
Video from Bucharest



« Is Hollywood overtaking Silicon Valley? »
Some of you may have noticed or potentially seen the new HP movie on Cyber security. It is extremely well done and I recommend you watch it but it also made me think of how the world is changing. Another article from South Africa on the same topic to read here.

HP Inc: It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Printer Security
« Do you know for sure that when you send a print job to a printer, that printer is encrypting the data you’re sending? That’s a very critical conversation we’re having now with a lot of customers around endpoint security. »

Global report: Security Printing Market – Forecasts from 2016 to 2021

Cybersecurity Is an Essential Part of the MSP Toolkit



Disrupting the book: Serialization, new formats, and AR
« There aren’t any reasons to stop producing them because they will always be the basis of how we create and share information. But books have come a long ways since the Gutenberg Press, and these three recent trends suggest that we are disrupting the book. »

Largest Product Launch In Xerox History Delivers New Technology To Transform The Workplace
« The process of getting work done has moved from the desktop to your pocket. »
Jeff Jacobson, chief executive officer, Xerox.

New HP MFPs get big channel rollout

Can Xerox save the printing page?
« Printing has been on a slight decline, but it’s not falling off a cliff. There is a low single digit volume decline but I also see a content explosion and much more of that content is unstructured. Overall print is going down but the amount of volume produced is being printed. »

Printing industry : Using Marketing To Get To The ‘As A Service’ End Game



Managed document services: come for the security, stay for the efficiency gains

Managed Print Services Market to Reach US $94.97 Bn by 2024

HP Device As A Service Is ‘Scaling Rapidly,’ Partners See It As Channel Game-Changer

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