Very often we start with Introductory Seminars that provide a high level view; the goal is to help get your company out of the quagmire of decreasing Hardware and Supplies margins, by providing an understanding of the Business Issues to Address, the ability to make a Business Plan for Change,  and to create Priority Action Plans for your Business.

The introductory seminar may be followed by a range of support options, tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations. These may include:

Individual Dealer Assessments, to help formulation of business plans. We use most often a Bespoke Approach that is described in more detail in this web site. It is based on an assessment to understand the starting point of the organization as well as the effective desire to change, as expressed by the Management and the staff.

There are multiple methods for assessment. from very simple and automated to more time intensive. Their costs vary but we also require good data to proceed efficiently to the next steps. Once correct data on financials, service operations and sales is gathered, an analysis os conducted. This is then reported to Management and agreed upon. It will lead into a Recommendation and Actions Plan.

Follow-on support to implement the Action plan, in order to make sure it is  implemented in an effective and timely manner. This can include training workshops, and ongoing mentoring and coaching, to get staff to a point where they are self- sufficient.