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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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IMPSGA event | 2D and 3D meet at Stratasys EMEA Headquarters

IMPSGA members meet 3 times a year, in different locations around Europe, to discuss international developments in the MPS market, products and services, and to work together on developing best practice and shared commercial initiatives. […]

Oct, 13

HP 2016 Industry Summit. Printing Reinvented

Following the announcements at the spring launch in Lisbon, HP Inc’s industry summit in Boston provided more insights into the thinking which will guide their development over the next five years.   This summit left […]

Jun, 30

Shared Service centres… To do or to have it done? 2/4

First part available here. Is the question “doing it or having it done” the right one? J-P. B.: What’s for sure is that companies are too busy in their core activities to handle properly document […]

May, 05

Shared Service centres… To do or to have it done? 1/4

Summary of an Xplor France debate with Jean-Pierre Blanger – Ricoh, Jean-Marc Jagou – Exceo and Jean-Louis de La Salle – IDeAs   Many shared service centres have appeared recently. The debate between doing and have […]

Apr, 19

N’opposons plus le papier et le numérique ! Le vrai enjeu est la disponibilité et l’efficacité

Nous avions publié cet article en anglais en janvier dernier. Pour répondre à la demande d’une partie de nos lecteurs, le voici en français. This article was originally published in January . Some readers and subscribers asked […]

Mar, 22

HP Jet Intelligence – IDeAs comment

Read the 1st part, then the 2nd one. These announcements are clearly seen by HP as some of the most significant developments since the original launch of the LaserJet printer 30 years ago. Will they […]

Mar, 25

HP Jet Intelligence – a real game changer?

HP announced this week its new Jet Intelligence programme, featuring radically new toner technology, with the headline claim of delivering more Pages, Performance and Productivity. The new technology will be launched initially on desktop and […]

Mar, 19