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B. Chaillou, Audire
Owning our equipment to better serve our clients thus delivering profitable and growing revenues.

Purdy – Ergo | Trends to watch in 2017



Everything You Need to Know about Printer Security
« Because printers have been historically viewed and treated as external components that perform a single function, they’re all too often left out of the wireless security loop – leaving a gaping hole in an otherwise tightly secured information network. »

Pull printing, print encryption, and document security
« Finally, it is important to track “who” prints “what,” “when,” and “where.” “Trust, but verify” is still good advice today. »



2016: A Year to Remember for the Printing Industry

Data Points: Food Packaging Compliance: Impact on the Printing Industry
« Currently, flexible packaging converters are the most knowledgeable about low migration inks and coatings as well as the regulatory and compliance standards that drive their use. »

3D Printing Industry review of the week

ISO 9001 Certification Expiring? Focus on Digitizing Document Processes

“Identifying which paper-based process to automate ?”



HP has redesigned the HP Managed Print Services to help protect against cyber attacks

A Managed Print Services Story by Xerox

Printer security: How to differentiate your managed print services

The evolution of managed print services

HP Redefines Security Practices in Managed Print Services for World’s Most Secure Printing



Nothing Artificial About AI’s Attractiveness to Business

Big data and your sector in 2017

The next big revolution in the information industry: Your 2017 guide to big data

Information Overload? Not Everybody Is Feeling It, Pew Study Says

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