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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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Why we do what we do

Our job is to help companies to move forward, adapt to changing circumstances, and find new ways to grow and manage their businesses more effectively.

This is what supports their future and also guarantees their ability to employ their staff. Change is difficult for established businesses. Start-ups have the benefit of focus and the mixed blessing of a lack of resources, so they have to be inventive and challenge daily what they do. Existing companies have a running business that already pays their bills, but the current activities blur the issues on how to move forward practically. This can prevent them from being as efficient as they could be, based on the current value of their products, services and people, and may obscure the way they can build on their current strengths. Our goal is to help companies identify the key issues and address them.

In theory clients use consultants for specific expertise that may be difficult to obtain, to help them hone their strategy and business plans. Setting the right direction is critical, but equally important, to stay ahead of competition, is speed of execution. We find that many companies are still not as agile as they need to be in this fast moving economy.

We believe our clients are quite aware of the issues facing them, but the challenge they face is to cut through TWO clutters: one of information overload, and one of daily activities that are already filling diaries.

The first one is easier to solve than the second. Information is already there and what is important is to filter what works and what does not work. Having the ability to look at multiple references and examples inside and outside the industry enable us to provide a different perspective and a greater clarity of view.

Cutting through the existing workload, challenging the current culture and mentality, to focus resources and staff time on strategically important new initiatives is a tougher call. We do help our clients focus their resources, train staff and get the right metrics in place, so that business change can be implemented.

We bring a successful track record of helping clients to implement positive change in their business.  We have worked in both large and small companies, and we have experienced many different cultures and decision frameworks, so we know, from first hand experience, how to focus on driving change through an organisation.  As industry consultants, our aim is to give our clients the benefit of this experience, to provide practical help to implement change speedily and effectively, to address the constantly evolving market.


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