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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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Press review // Q4 2017 + Q1 2018

100% MPS « We set out to create a game changer … We’re in MPS to win, and we’re in it to win in the SMB space exclusively with our channels,” Darren Cassidy, president of Xerox’ […]

Mar, 01

Press review // Q2-Q3 2017

MPS & DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION « If you’re a Digital Transformation purist, you may argue that adding software to your print process isn’t true Digital Transformation: “The use of digital technologies to enable innovation across business and […]

Sep, 28


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT Edwin Jongsma, from our member Xtandit, cut this video to reflect on our last meeting. Many thanks to Eurocom for their wonderful hospitality and allowing us discover this unjustly less travelled to […]

Apr, 18


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT B. Chaillou, Audire “Owning our equipment to better serve our clients thus delivering profitable and growing revenues.” Purdy – Ergo | Trends to watch in 2017   FOCUS ON PRINTING SECURITY Everything […]

Jan, 26


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT IMPSGA event | 2D and 3D meet at Stratasys EMEA Headquarters « 3D printing is in a much earlier phase of its development cycle with a lot of technologies burgeoning and becoming available. […]

Nov, 09

Press review // Q2 2016

IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT ERGO: Delivering a Better Service Desk Experience   PRINTING INDUSTRY Big Data – Can It Help Control Your Printing Costs? This guide shows you the four steps to using Big Data […]

May, 27

Press review july – september: Xtandit’s best practice, Circular economy, digital media

100% MPS A better way to fix bugs, for a better customer relationship: Xtandit’s best practice “Now after 2 years of Remote Call Assistance our customers are experiencing the advantages and our expertise appreciated. Definitely […]

Sep, 17
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