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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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2017 is today #1 | “Copiers are outdated, complicated machines”: HP wants to disrupt the copier industry

As we approach end of the year, we at IDeAs tend to look in retrospect at the past year and try to put the outlook for the next one in perspective. We think that 2016 […]

Jan, 05

Is the Channel in Europe Taking MPS Seriously Enough? 2/4

By Steven Swift There is clear evidence that even quite small organisations across Europe have now become aware of the opportunities presented by rationalizing their document output, and are adopting, or interested in moving towards […]

Sep, 26

Can newcomers to MPS gain a foothold in the sector?

By Jean-Louis de la Salle Based on my preliminary remarks, yes there are places for investment.

Feb, 05

European MPS market : current state

By Jean-Louis de la Salle Let’s speak about the differences between Northern and Southern Europe !

Feb, 05
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