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European MPS market : current state

By Jean-Louis de la Salle

Let’s speak about the differences between Northern and Southern Europe !

The MPS market place is a place with a lot of growth throughout Europe. However under this blanket statement a lot of regional/country as well as segment/offering variations are at work and deserve a closer look.

First there is some level of saturation of the Large Account/Corporate market in general. Remember that MPS created a reshuffle of the channel strategies of many OEMs.

Even those with solid and loyal channel strategies had to go direct to get the business at the corporates as too little was happening at the channel level.

Many players have addressed the Corporate market place since approximatively 2006 and it has reached a level of saturation i.e. commoditization of the first generation of MPS (audit, rationalize contracts and devices); the second generation MPS, also termed MDS, is still in early stages and is growing healthily though it will face competition from more IT based companies such as Managed IT/Desktop services.

Second the level of maturity of the Channel is very different from country to country. If you take the UK, a growing number of competent dealers are scouting the Corporate market and one now sees interesting fights between Direct sales forces from OEM chasing lower volume accounts due to quota and general business pressure and competent Dealers ramping up in terms of companies they approach.

The case is still out but this will, in the long term, lead to another reshuffle of direct/indirect sales approaches. Other countries like in Southern Europe are still far from this and channel MPS sales are almost non existent

NB : In our definition a cost per copy contract is not MPS.

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This article was written on 05 Feb 2013, and is filled under Managed Print Systems.


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