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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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New Year, New Challenges. Who will be the Winners in 2018?

As we start a new year, it is a good time to take stock and think what we might do differently, to strengthen our businesses and generate better results over the coming 12 months. There is […]

Feb, 06


IMPSGA’S MEMBERS’ CONTENT IMPSGA event | 2D and 3D meet at Stratasys EMEA Headquarters « 3D printing is in a much earlier phase of its development cycle with a lot of technologies burgeoning and becoming available. […]

Nov, 09

Shared Service centres… To do or to have it done? 3/4

1st part here, 2nd there. How can an SSC be sustainable? J-P. B.: Whether the SSC executes all or part of the activity, in the end the SSC has one responsibility: mastering what is being […]

Jun, 09
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