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Press review april / may: print business in 2020, Lexmark, paperless office

100% MPS

Why a Client Needs to Build Core Competence First

“MPS can certainly help businesses reduce costs and gain control of their document environments. Nevertheless, among all the success stories are many examples of MPS engagements that fail to meet customer expectations. Why?”


Hunger for a Managed Print Services “Safe Word”?

“The last two years lack in “MPS” excitement, passion and risk. No new ideas or technology from our manufacturers – ink in a bag is still ink. No risk, no edges, no transformations, no need for safe words.”


Is less really more? Rethinking managed print services

“With the advent of tablets and smart phones, people are printing less by default. So it’s a natural evolution for MPS to help organizations manage other types of content.”–rethinking-managed-print-services.html



Lexmark launches new brand and logo
The new Lexmark logo evokes the clarity, value and durability of the traditional Lexmark diamond.”


To print or not to print: Is that the question?

“The concept of a paperless office has been a goal for organisations for more than three decades. However the reality is that going paperless is not a simple paper-to-digital conversion exercise.”


Online Engagement: Thriving Print Business in 2020

“This is a huge change for our industry which has for the last several decades been manufacturing focused.“

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This article was written on 19 May 2015, and is filled under Press review.


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