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HP announces the Jetadvantage On Demand SaaS Marketplace

On Sept 7th HP announced the HP JetAdvantage On Demand SaaS Marketplace & Management Portal

Can a former behemoth become a disruptor?

Under this rather technological statement, one may consider that this is just another announcement by HP Inc. of a software solution. There have been many such announcements, and these have met with varying levels of success.

If you analyse the Solutions marketplace, its adoption rate (vs. number of devices) is far from stellar. Do not forget, Solutions has been seen for over 10 years as the saviour (differentiation, value and margins) of the various OEM vendors faced with box commoditization. Actual adoption rates are not very high and the market remains limited. OEMs experience a few isolated successes and third party vendors, not finding organic growth, have consolidated quite significantly with Nuance emerging as the leader (55% total market share), when putting together the various commercial brands it has acquired over the past few years.


So HP wants to reshuffle the game through a completely new technology statement.

Why is this adoption rate so low? The value proposition seems exciting and should find its way through in the market place.
HP’s analysis of this is quite clear. The setup/demo/installation process is way too complicated and prevents projects from happening. What was a nice story becomes too complex and the effort required for implementation negates the benefits expected.

So HP wants to reshuffle the game through a completely new technology statement.Fundamentally this is offering Print Solutions from HP Inc. or third parties into a Saas Marketplace that would simplify deploying such solutions.

Benefits are clearly outlined as HP Inc. claims to reduce the following:
• Difficulty in accessing a solution quickly, and trying it for free
• Difficulty in deploying solutions, caused by:
– Requirement for manual import of user information
– Need to repeat device enablement for every new solution
– Difficulty in coordination of multiple solutions deployments (e.g. authentication & capture)
• High cost for server infrastructure (capital expense & on-going maintenance cost)

So the solution, being Saas, allows easy provisioning, on a Cloud server, a few devices at a time, for a pilot or a limited period of time. All the flexibility of Saas is now offered and does not require that big upfront leap of heavy installation and cost.

This portal is open to third parties that offer the well-known Print solutions we know on the market but some presence, or rather absence did surprise us.

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