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2015 will be a challenging year 1/4

By Jean-Louis de la Salle

I attended recently a seminar hosted by two of the Device Manufacturers.  Both have interesting activities on the Software side of Document processing though they do differ in technology, scale and offerings. The event was oriented towards Print as well as Document processing and the way these products are purchased and markets are evolving.

The Market Research Company who was presenting had collected some interesting data points and because I do not share their analysis completely, I wanted to write this article.

First they estimated the French market for MPS at 1,4 Bill. Euros.

They are contributing in their presentation to clarify the market like some market participants have already started doing; side remark is that we continue to see some players still contributing to the confusion by not delineating their offerings clearly enough.

The market in 2014 has clearly matured in the way it presents its products and services with this distinction between BPS and MPS.

BPS is a more efficient and better way of purchasing what one used to purchase. MPS is process oriented in order to improve the fleet and its usage i.e. continuous improvement.

France is purported to have a 2/3 vs. 1/3 split in favour of BPS and both segments are growing at a steady pace (low 2 digits figures). I have a perception that other countries may have a different split more biased towards MPS; they have a greater acceptance of outsourcing services as a measure to improve productivity rather than a more traditional view of procuring efficiently.  This makes the French market a difficult environment to operate in, as providers are selling cheaper rather than replacing traditional sales by services sales with better margins.

I see another major difference with other European countries; the market is still very much in its infancy as only 10% of all companies above 100 employees have such an arrangement. Not surprisingly, penetration is higher in Large accounts, but still only 20%, and only 5% in Medium businesses. But even so the growth is not phenomenal. Will adoption levels dramatically accelerate, remains a core question.


The next part of this article will cover Print and Mobility, a current subject of many marketing campaigns with a serious hope that it will rejuvenate Printing volumes.

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