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Back to work: good reads to catch up

2018 1st semester offered a wide range of business hot news, Xerox & Fuji & HP among others. But, as you know for more than 5 years, we have not used our editorial line to […]

Aug, 27

GDPR is creating the first cracks in the GAFA(M)

Interestingly, the new GDPR regulation is creating very different responses from the 5 top US tech companies who make up the ‘GAFAM’ acronym. What can the Print and Document community learn from their marketing experts […]

Jun, 26

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 6 / Putting GDPR in place

As a conclusion to this short note, I would like to draw your attention to three things: The GDPR regulation is very Anglo-Saxon on its approach. It privileges self-assessed responsibility and compliance with very significant […]

Nov, 09

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 4 / GDPR to start governing sales and marketing data

New legislation is now coming into place to address another part of companies’ data and where challenges are high. Back office has done a large part of its evolution but front office is still lacking […]

Oct, 12
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