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HP Jet Intelligence – intelligence is everywhere

1st part available here.

In addition, the new toner chemistry has allowed HP to re-engineer the toner cartridges, with smaller, more robust components – with what is called Page Maximiser Technology. This results in more room in the cartridge for toner, giving higher page yields, and longer cartridge life, with fewer service interventions. HP expects the new printers to have longer duty cycles and to handle higher monthly page volumes than the models they replace.

Other developments associated with Jet Intelligence include:

  • Print Gauge Technology
    Using smart algorithms to monitor print usage patterns, predicts cartridge life with greater certainty.
  • Anti-Fraud Technology
    Identifies used or counterfeit cartridges, helps to prevent cartridge theft, and can be used to enforce customer-initiated and office-wide printing policies to manage cost and quality standards.
  • Auto Seal Removal
    Does away with the need to remove a seal when installing a cartridge – the seal is automatically removed and used internally within the cartridge to agitate the toner, and so optimise usage.

In parallel with Jet Intelligence, HP has also announced JetAdvantage Private Print. This is a cloud-based pull printing solution, which provides all the advantages of secure-release printing on a SaaS basis, without the need for server-based software. Jet Advantage incorporates mobile printing from leading tablet and smart-phone platforms, and should provide a secure, convenient and affordable solution, especially for SMBs for may not want to buy a server-based solution.

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