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GDPR is creating the first cracks in the GAFA(M) – Part 3

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So as I tried to show by analysing the differing models, I see quite a divide appearing in the US high-tech. Is the GDPR process going to be painful on the way to its daily adoption? Absolutely yes, it is a change of attitude and culture for many organisations. It will take time to get there.

So what is this saying to our community of businesses around documents and print?
We need, as an industry, to sharpen our marketing.

Our business model is to sell products and services around documents (paper and electronic) and manage the flow in the most efficient fashion. We are getting money to do so, be it upfront or on subscription, or any combination of both. We are usually not in the “it is for free” business where you then generate advertising revenues.

So let us follow what Apple and Microsoft are showing us. Make big efforts to serve clients that want secure and confidential documents. Of course clients always want a cheaper price. The issue is that nobody in a company has been able to put a price tag on how much should a letter (printed or e-mailed) cost if it is delivered privately or if it were delivered openly with access to many profilers and advertisers? What this tells us is that the vast majority of customers are still not fully aware of the problem and struggle to put a value and, up to now, a price on this.


We, as an industry, in the wake of GDPR, need to heighten the quality, the investments and the marketing we make around confidentiality, conformance and security.


This will take some decisions that sound counter-intuitive and will be resisted in organisations.  But when Apple closes some parts of its functionality to developers (like access to address books which were then resold) it is a bold decision that affects revenue streams.

When Microsoft says it will enforce GDPR all over the World, it also affects short-term revenue streams but is a viewed as positive in the longer term. Keeping a good customer has its costs too.

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