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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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GDPR is creating the first cracks in the GAFA(M) – Part 3

1st part, 2nd part. So as I tried to show by analysing the differing models, I see quite a divide appearing in the US high-tech. Is the GDPR process going to be painful on the […]

Jul, 12

Will 2018 see the long-expected industry consolidation gather pace? Part 4

It’s time to accept that Europe + USA are not only mature, but small markets   One last comment I would like to add is more on geo politics that goes beyond our industry, though […]

Apr, 05

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 4 / GDPR to start governing sales and marketing data

New legislation is now coming into place to address another part of companies’ data and where challenges are high. Back office has done a large part of its evolution but front office is still lacking […]

Oct, 12

2017 is today #2 | “Many OEMs whose range has not adapted quickly enough and their associated channel may suffer deeply.”

We think that this channel trend may have an impact in accelerating, and even compounding the consolidation at the OEM level. OEMs are increasingly finding it too expensive and inflexible to sustain a direct sales […]

Jan, 12

Is the Channel in Europe Taking MPS Seriously Enough? 2/4

By Steven Swift There is clear evidence that even quite small organisations across Europe have now become aware of the opportunities presented by rationalizing their document output, and are adopting, or interested in moving towards […]

Sep, 26

European MPS market : current state

By Jean-Louis de la Salle Let’s speak about the differences between Northern and Southern Europe !

Feb, 05