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Back to work: good reads to catch up

2018 1st semester offered a wide range of business hot news, Xerox & Fuji & HP among others.

But, as you know for more than 5 years, we have not used our editorial line to comment on business news. We tend to prefer to analyse long-term trends, and to write about smart and durable innovations.
We could use with these words to describe a place where the authors take the right time to think, analyse and write about subjects that will deeply change the printing market.

Nevertheless, we know that you have a lot to read every day and, some times, our articles may disappear off your “to-read-list”.  That is the reason why we had the idea to compile in a unique post all the series we wrote in the last 12 months.

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore?

Will 2018 see the long-expected industry consolidation gather pace?

GDPR is creating the first cracks in the GAFA(M)


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This article was written on 27 Aug 2018, and is filled under Press review.


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