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Back to work: good reads to catch up

2018 1st semester offered a wide range of business hot news, Xerox & Fuji & HP among others. But, as you know for more than 5 years, we have not used our editorial line to […]

Aug, 27

Private Equity and the Print / Copy Channel

Opportunities could lead to a greater participation   The Print/Copy market is undergoing a great transformation. The automation and digitization of multiple administrative tasks is impacting the volume of office pages printed, creating at best […]

Jun, 05

Press review // April-may 2018

100% MPS « Environmental benefits and increasing concern for data security are among major driving factors for growth of the market. Increasing utilization of digital paper work is one of major challenges for growth of […]

May, 17

Will 2018 see the long-expected industry consolidation gather pace? Part 2

It is a time of change: Xerox sold to Fuji in a complex transaction   Things are changing and the mergers are proof of that. Please watch the GFK CES keynote on the NEWGEN (new […]

Mar, 20

Press review // Q4 2017 + Q1 2018

100% MPS « We set out to create a game changer … We’re in MPS to win, and we’re in it to win in the SMB space exclusively with our channels,” Darren Cassidy, president of Xerox’ […]

Mar, 01