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Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 1 / Digital is not a new thing anymore

In France, the founding speech that has become remembered, as the initial milestone was a speech by-then Prime Minister Mr Jospin in a small city on the Atlantic Coast, named Hourtin. This was 1997 and was labelled “Prepare the entry of France in an Information Age”.
But dear reader, we are now in 2017, it was 20 years ago and we are one generation further.

Entering this new age not only happened, but has certainly transformed our daily activities, both practical and document related and probably faster and deeper than we expected then. However ….

We know that the next twenty years are going to bring even deeper transformations as technology continues to strive forward. Recently in a speech I delivered in Athens, I had the opportunity to dive into the subject of computational progress and related productivity. Hardware performance (what we see and perceive) has in 15 years (1988-2003) improved by a factor of 1,000.

What we do not see is the improvement in Software performance, which has been a factor of 43,000. The two combined bring a quantitative and qualitative factor of 43 Millions!
I remind you of the sentence « Software will eat the World » and draw your attention that today millions of users can today upgrade the operating system of their mobile phones (which is no more no less than a powerful computer) by just pressing one button and remarkably few incidents. Those were just dreams 15 years ago…and by the way Smartphones did not even exist – 

Putting such powerful equipment in so many hands in a not so regulated fashion of self-service has led to this explosion of data, messages and documents of all kinds and nature. I will not come back on the numbers of users of any kind of platforms. Statistics abound and it is just colossal.


It has now little to do with generations anymore. There are 59 million Internet users in the UK out of 63 million inhabitants incl. toddlers. This is more than UK parliamentary electors who are 45 Million, and there are 29 Million Facebook users in the UK. One cannot say anymore digital is coming soon.

It has arrived.

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