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Document Advisors | IDeAs blog, for better document strategies.

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Private Equity and the Print / Copy Channel

Opportunities could lead to a greater participation   The Print/Copy market is undergoing a great transformation. The automation and digitization of multiple administrative tasks is impacting the volume of office pages printed, creating at best […]

Jun, 05

Rumor or speculation?

“Lexmark does not comment on rumor or speculation” company spokesman Jerry Grasso said. Since October 22th, rumors are spreading fast. If it is not such a surprise for the experts, “Lexmark for sale” is nevertheless significant news in our sector. […]

Nov, 20

Press review april / may: print business in 2020, Lexmark, paperless office

100% MPS Why a Client Needs to Build Core Competence First “MPS can certainly help businesses reduce costs and gain control of their document environments. Nevertheless, among all the success stories are many examples of […]

May, 19

Revue de presse avril / mai : Lexmark, Xerox, changement

100% MPS Xerox n’est plus l’entreprise que l’on connaissait “Désormais, Xerox joue à fond la carte des services et de la recherche dans le domaine de la gestion des processus.”   Xerox : un […]

May, 19

HP split: will one behemoth generate an awkward couple or two embracing dancers?

The news is all over the world with the announced split of HP into two reasonably equal parts. Some elements are an old story but some of the comments are puzzling. The financial community has […]

Oct, 07

Press review / November

In this final quarter of the year, we do our best to be competitive and show our added value plus-value in the negotiations for 2014. When some big companies like Xerox or Brother give a […]

Nov, 28