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Will 2018 see the long-expected industry consolidation gather pace? Part 2

It is a time of change: Xerox sold to Fuji in a complex transaction


Things are changing and the mergers are proof of that.

Please watch the GFK CES keynote on the NEWGEN (new generation up to 25 years old arriving in the work place)…it is enlightening on the forces at work with some fundamental change ahead. We nicknamed it OSEG…Ownership sucks Experience is great.

Last but not least the spectacular announcement has been the change of ownership at Xerox, THE BRAND in the copier world. Many comments have been made on this mega move but here is our brief take.


Xerox is, in effect, acquired by Fuji/Xerox both its Asian distributor and its laser manufacturer (Xerox has stopped last year their solid ink technology, acquired in 2009, which was American); Xerox sold only in Europe (EMEA) and Americas.


Xerox was not doing well (Xerox’s 4Q17 net loss report of $196 million)

To us one of the big questions, as all this is very fresh and the dust needs to settle down, is what Fuji intends to do with the new entity over the longer term.

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This article was written on 20 Mar 2018, and is filled under Business Forecast, Point of View.


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