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Review of 2013 | Part 2/2

By Steven Swift & Jean-Louis de La Salle

Part 1 to be read here.

MPS software is a jungle, in which many resellers are lost, without independent help.

There is also both a big challenge and opportunity for the software providers. The industry remains fragmented, and populated largely by relatively small, national companies. This makes the sales activity too expensive to access a significant share of the market, and creates problems associated with insufficient scale of operations. Additionally, many of the software tools on offer have overlapping functionalities, but also do not easily speak to each other – for example device monitoring software and service management systems. Furthermore resellers may have to choose between software tools offered by OEMs, which in many cases work only with the sponsoring OEM’s hardware, and independent toolsets, which have multi-vendor capabilities.
This makes MPS software a jungle, in which many resellers are lost, without independent help. There is surely an opportunity for one or two of the bigger international software providers, to step in with an integrated software tool suite, combined with a package of support for the channel

2013 saw first birthdays for both IDeAs and IMPSGA, the alliance of best practice MPS providers set up to offer a truly independent alternative across Europe. Membership has grown to cover six countries, and includes M2 from the UK, Ergo from Ireland, Pulsar Technologies from Spain, Leasyprint from the Netherlands, Print Partners from the Czech Republic, and Rio Managed Services from France. In addition, IMPSGA has been delighted to welcome an additional member, Audire Caraibes, from the French overseas territories in the Caribbean. IMPSGA members meet regularly to exchange expertise and to work together on shared commercial initiatives. In 2013 these have included working together for the first time to serve international clients.

As for IDeAs, the partnership was launched in 2012 to work with OEMs and the Channel, to help them make the transition to a service-based business model, and to grow their revenues and margins. One year on we are busier than ever. We have learned a lot, and we would like to think that we have helped quite a few organizations along the way.

We would like to wish everyone in the industry, and especially our clients and IMPSGA members, a successful end to 2013, a very Merry Christmas, and good fortunes in 2014.

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This article was written on 17 Dec 2013, and is filled under Business Forecast, Managed Print Systems.


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