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[HP’s Fall Product Launch 2/2]: security & business

Read the 1st part here.

So the real question is how important commercially is security?

Channel partners, who were also invited to the event, liked the announcement. They found it was a valuable addition to the HP portfolio, allowing them to move the discussion with customers away from just price, to talk about value-added services. It would also probably allow other contacts at a client.  But they did also admit that when in the last round of discussions when there are two remaining contenders, security would probably not be top of the agenda.

To address this issue, there was a presentation by the Ponemon Institute, a leading independent security organisation, of research highlighting the importance of addressing printers, as a point of security vulnerability on the network. This was followed by a dialogue with a senior representative of Merck, an HP customer, who endorsed the priority of addressing printer security, from his company’s point of view. However, it still takes a bit of salesmanship to qualify the importance of security at any given client.

A place where this can be better carried forward to the client is within MPS contracts, as an additional value adding activity and chargeable service.


Beyond security

There was another part of the announcement.

HP announced 6 months ago its first JetIntelligence devices with the new ColorSphere 3 toner, which enables higher page yields, from smaller, faster printers, which also require significantly less energy to print a page. There were 4 devices in the initial launch, in Spring 2015.

Last week they announced the refresh of the Laserjet 400 series targeting SMB. Another 4 devices

This week in Barcelona HP announced the launch of the new Laserjet 500 devices. Another 4 devices.

This goes alongside the Officejet Pro series launches. HP showed that this dual technology offering is not generating cannibalization between the two as might have been expected but on the contrary is allowing HP to expand their market share in both categories.

All in all a very aggressive product and technology plan for HP to maintain and potentially increase its leadership in the A4 segment with a very strong IT centric flavour enriched by the chosen security theme. The one element still missing is a competitive A3 product range, but HP dropped strong hints that A3 is an area they will be targeting aggressively in the near future

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