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HP Summit in Boston 2/3

 By Steven Swift

1st part here. 3rd and last tomorrow morning.

The Cloud accounts for 2% of global electricity consumption

A key consideration behind HP’s future vision was that the IT industry was a approaching a once in a decade inflexion point. The “new style of IT” would need to embrace Devices, Infrastructure, Software and Services, at the same time as increasing speed of operations and dealing with trends such as BYOD, and the move towards a hybrid world.

This was illustrated by reference to the Cloud as one of the four key pillars of HP’s strategy. HP forecast that by 2016, 75% of the global IT environment would be in either a managed, private or public cloud. This was driving explosive growth in servers dedicated to cloud services, with $10-20Bn investment in data-centres projected over the next three years. Apart from any other considerations, this would have a significant impact on energy consumption – dramatically illustrated by the statistic that if the Cloud were a country, it would be already be the fifth biggest energy consumer in the World, ahead of Japan in sixth place.

Already today the Cloud accounts for 2% of global electricity consumption, and on present trends, this would increase to 30% within a decade, which would clearly be unsustainable. To avoid this, significant efficiency improvements would be required, and this was the driving force behinds HP’s new Moonshot server technology, which would deliver 89% lower energy consumption, take up 80% less space, and cost 77% less than a traditional service environment. In a subsequent, compelling presentation on the future of the Cloud, HP’s CTO, Martin Fink highlighted some of the other factors driving a completely new approach to Cloud services.

Moonshot was just one of a number of groundbreaking new technology  and service initiatives on which HP was working, and these included several exciting new initiatives in the area of printing and imaging. HP previewed a number of interesting new print products and developments at the Summit, but these cannot be revealed until they are publicly launched, at the global partner conference later this month.

In the mean time, it was interesting to meet the new head of the Printing and Personal Systems Group, Dion Weisler, as well as key members of his team, including Pradeep Jotwani, Stephen Nigro, Mike Weir and Brian Schmitz. Apart from new products, which cannot yet be revealed, a number of interesting points emerged from these discussions.

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