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HP Discover event: a key role for the Channel in the major split

This year HP combined its premier partner/customer event and industry analyst / press briefing into a single HP Discover event in Las Vegas – fittingly, perhaps as this will be the last time that HP meets the world in its present form, as a single company.  This was a truly huge event, with over ten thousand attendees. Yet the organisation appeared flawless, and presentations and meetings ran like clockwork, all in the massive indoor bubble of the Venetian/Palazzo complex in Las Vegas, with its miles of corridors, meeting facilities, restaurants, casinos and shops, complete with a recreation of Venice with an artificial lagoon and sky. There was no need to venture outside throughout the four days of the event, and one was left with the impression that this could represent a glimpse into the future of what life might be like in a colony on the surface of Mars.

Meg Whitman laid out the logic behind the separation into two companies, principally the desire to create more focus and agility, and confirmed the timetable for the split, with two companies due to start operating separately from August 1, and completing the legal separation from the start of the new fiscal year, on November 1. Together, she and Dion Weisler set out the vision, strategy, and senior management structures for the two new companies.

“New style for IT”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will have a new identity and green logo, and will focus on the ‘New Style of IT’ for the Idea Economy – with four main themes;

  • Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Protecting the Digital Enterprise
  • Empowering a data-driven organisation
  • Enabling workplace productivity

HP Inc. will retain the blue HP logo and identity, reflecting the need to leverage the brand heritage for its consumer business, and its focus on the work-space, rather than back office infrastructure. The process involved in separating into two companies has of course been complex, and HP appears to gone about this with all the thoroughness which might be expected, given its engineering heritage. Although the two new companies will operate as separate entities, it has been recognised up front that they will still have many partners and customers in common, and that the Channel will play a key role delivering the synergy to keep these together. There will be a joint programme for partners who work with both companies, run somewhat along the lines of the major airline alliances, with partners earning points according to their level of co-operation with each company.

2nd part on next tuesday, June 23rd.

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