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Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 6 / Putting GDPR in place

As a conclusion to this short note, I would like to draw your attention to three things:

  • The GDPR regulation is very Anglo-Saxon on its approach. It privileges self-assessed responsibility and compliance with very significant penalties in case of breach. We move away from a more traditionally Latin and potentially bureaucratic system where filling in forms on your activity and handling them over to a governing body for approval was sufficient. With GDPR, YOU are in charge and you put in place the necessary processes upfront. You do the heavy work to be compliant and you apply your judgement to it. Good news is that administration is made lighter, no formal declarations anymore and control takes place after the event rather than before. But if you haven’t done your homework or cannot justify that you have done it, the penalties are VERY high (up to 2% of your turnover).

  • From what we see in terms of ageing and complex IT architectures and the complexity of understanding and auditing current data collection practices, if you have not started your project as you read this article, you are LATE.

  • Paper cannot be seen as a safe way to work the old way, as it is has been included in the very same regulation.


If you had not taken on your own terms a proactive approach to numerical and physical data and document governance, the question is not being asked anymore. Legislation is compelling you to execute and is paving the way for you to control data and documents.

We wish that your organisation were a 2017 organisation, which means it is naturally both physical and digital. And as you are responsible managers, data and documents, whatever their format, are already under governance. If you have been delayed, now is time to catch up.

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