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2015 will be a challenging year 3/4

By Jean-Louis de la Salle

As you read in the former article, Research tells us that employees use today 60% paper based documents and in 2015 it should be 45%. And I see it as a potential earthquake for the Industry. Let us rationalize the calculation.

Document consumption = Level of Activity X Document intensity

Document consumption is the result of your business activity (in older ages i.e. before 2005 Country GDP and paper consumption were aligned) multiplied by the number of documents needed to achieve 1.000€ of revenue (this has increased significantly in recent years where everything is tracked, a happy combination of easy to use technology and transparency/bureaucratic requirements).

However I can safely say that GDP is not going to increase significantly in France, or even Europe, for the next two years. I can allocate some increases in electronic documents (more videos, more data from machines, etc.…) but work processes do not change at lightning speeds (remember this is two years, not seven or ten).

So take an imaginary example of an account producing 100 Million printed pages in 2013. Let us project Revenues increasing by 2%, slightly above the economy. And that some new processes come to life, i.e. Document intensity increases by 10%.

So in 2013, this company did its business thanks to 100 million printed pages and 66 Mio electronic pages.

And in 2015, it totals 187 Million documents (allocating 2% growth and 10% more documents, mostly electronic). Paper is now 45% of the total. There will be only 84 Million pages printed.


So if the market research is right, this account will have reduced its printed volume by 15% in two years.

Read the next article to understand what happens next.

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