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HP 2016 Global Partner Conference Boston | Chapter 1

The Global Partner Conference is HP’s premier event of the year for channel partners, press and industry analysts. So it was fitting that HP saved their biggest news for this event, delivered in a high […]

Sep, 15

2015 will be a challenging year 4/4

By Jean-Louis de la Salle We saw in the former article that volumes could very well fall by 15% over the next two years.  And this is a “nice” scenario as we have seen that one […]

Oct, 01

HP Summit in Boston 3/3

By Steven Swift 1st part, 2nd part. HP reconfirmed its belief in the robustness of future print revenues, highlighting once again digitisation of publishing, mobile printing and emerging markets as key drivers of growth, which […]

Mar, 25

HP Summit in Boston

By Steven Swift Exceptionally, this 3-chapters article will be published within a very short period : today, next monday and thursday. Why? Because on next March 24-26 the HP Global Partner Conference will take place. And because, at IDeAS, […]

Mar, 20