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Press review // Q4 2017 + Q1 2018

100% MPS « We set out to create a game changer … We’re in MPS to win, and we’re in it to win in the SMB space exclusively with our channels,” Darren Cassidy, president of Xerox’ […]

Mar, 01

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 6 / Putting GDPR in place

As a conclusion to this short note, I would like to draw your attention to three things: The GDPR regulation is very Anglo-Saxon on its approach. It privileges self-assessed responsibility and compliance with very significant […]

Nov, 09

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 5 / Moving from a race to data quantity to a process encouraging data quality

Companies have always struggled to put in place tools, processes and a culture that favour this evolution. I only very seldom meet an organisation where data quality metrics have been put in place. And the […]

Oct, 19

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 3 / Digital or not, you need strong governance

Obviously this extremely fast change did not happen without some pains and mistakes. Technologies took some time to stabilise but quality improvements have taken place. Legislation has also supported this continuous change in its laws […]

Sep, 21

Has “digital governance” a meaning anymore? Part 2 / As a whole does it really matter?

Digital is present and is part of our lives and grandparents post their grandchildren’s pictures on Facebook. But is this part of out business lives and why should my organisation change at this fast pace, […]

Sep, 19

The Question is not Paper or Digital!

The real goals are availability and efficiency, combining an optimum mix of both technologies. An all-digital company can perfectly well be a bad communicator, or may do it too expensively. Very concretely, the line between […]

Jan, 14

Revue de presse juillet – septembre : Ricoh, infogérance, clickable paper

100% MPS Lexmark offre aux revendeurs des opportunités d’expansion vers les services d’infogérance d’impression (MPS) « Les clients finaux sont de plus en plus demandeurs de contrats services avec paiement à l’usage pour leurs moyens […]

Sep, 17