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2017 is today #2 | “Many OEMs whose range has not adapted quickly enough and their associated channel may suffer deeply.”

We think that this channel trend may have an impact in accelerating, and even compounding the consolidation at the OEM level. OEMs are increasingly finding it too expensive and inflexible to sustain a direct sales […]

Jan, 12

HP 2016 spring launch. Printing Reinvented 1/3

HP’s spring 2016 launch was the first major new product announcement since the company split, and was billed as ‘HP’s most important launch of the last ten years’. The billing was justified, as HP announced […]

Mar, 15

HP Discover event: a key role for the Channel in the major split

This year HP combined its premier partner/customer event and industry analyst / press briefing into a single HP Discover event in Las Vegas – fittingly, perhaps as this will be the last time that HP […]

Jun, 18

How to manage MPS in a VUCA world 5/5

By Jean-Louis de la Salle Interestingly, as we come to the last post, this series ends with letter A. A = Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; […]

Jul, 03

HP Summit in Boston 3/3

By Steven Swift 1st part, 2nd part. HP reconfirmed its belief in the robustness of future print revenues, highlighting once again digitisation of publishing, mobile printing and emerging markets as key drivers of growth, which […]

Mar, 25

Is the Channel in Europe Taking MPS Seriously Enough? 1/4

By Steven Swift Some resellers in Europe have wholeheartedly embraced the shift to a service-based business model, and are doing well with it. Leading edge providers in several countries have formed an international alliance, IMPSGA, […]

Sep, 12