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HP 2016 spring launch. Printing Reinvented – Part 2/3

1st part here.

In terms of products, HP continues to pursue a twin-track approach in the office, with extensions of both the OfficeJet Pro X range (now rebranded as ‘Page-Wide’) and the Jet Intelligence laser range.

HP also indicated that they will be launching A3 Page-Wide products in 2017, to mount a direct attack on the ‘copier’ vendors. In addition, for the SOHO segment, HP launched a range of new-look OfficeJet products, with a streamlined design incorporating integrated paper trays and internal output bins – to avoid the annoying problem of printed sheets spilling out onto the floor.

In order to secure and grow consumables and other after sales revenue, HP needs not just a portfolio of devices to meet the full range of customer requirements, but also a compelling MPS offering, to provide customers with value from committing to a contractual relationship, and to provide HP and its partners with opportunities to sell additional value-added services. HP sees the Channel as by the far the biggest route to market for contractual print business, and is committed to working with partners to deliver MPS for all customers other than the very large enterprise clients, who will continue to be served directly.

HP did not make major new announcements, or changes of direction with its Channel MPS programme. This is a good thing, as in the past HP could be criticised for frequent changes of direction and relaunches of MPS programmes, which had perhaps not been fully thought through before launching. Now we see a very welcome consistency of direction, building on the twin-track approach of Partner MPS (where HP delivers major service elements for partners who choose not to invest in creating their own MPS delivery), and Channel MPS (where HP provides specially adapted products, tools and support, for partners who have the capability and want to deliver their own MPS).

The MPS offerings are enhanced by the new range of products, including specially adapted SKUs with high yield consumables for the Channel MPS programme, and further developments in services and solutions.

A particular feature was HP’s Secure Printing, based on a range of enhanced product features and services, which together represent what HP claims as a best in class offering for print security – to address a growing area of customer concern.

Tomorrow, read the last chapter about the HP’s consumables strategy.

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