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HP 2016 spring launch. Printing Reinvented 1/3

HP’s spring 2016 launch was the first major new product announcement since the company split, and was billed as ‘HP’s most important launch of the last ten years’.

The billing was justified, as HP announced new products and services to address all segments of the market, in what amounted to a very coherent and powerful offering – and with the promise of further exciting new developments to come.

Initial reaction was generally positive, and typified by the comments of one channel partner attending the event, who said “I’m very excited. HP is now really getting things together. What I liked about today was that we saw some really meaningful product innovations – not just marketing hype, but solid new products and solutions which meet our customers’ needs, and with the promise of more to come, including Page Wide A3, which could be a real game changer. If HP can deliver successfully on what they have shown today, we can see a bright future for our business.”

HP Inc certainly needs a shot in the arm, following disappointing recent results, with pressure especially on print consumables revenue and margin, as a result of both declining print volumes and competition from compatibles. HP is addressing this, not just with new products, but also with renewed emphasis on its Managed Print Services, in particular working with the channel to increase MPS penetration in the SME segment of the market, and so secure consumables revenue there.

According to HP’s market analysis, 2016 will be the cross-over year, where contractual revenues will exceed transactional for the first time.

Tomorrow, read about the twin-track HP’s approach.

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